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Yacht Maintenance

Wash Downs

Weekly, Monthly, or On-Demand Wash Downs to keep your Vessel in Bristol Condition.

Waxing – Polishing

Remove Oxidation – Restore Gloss – Protect and Seal. Regular Polishing and Waxing will keep your Vessel Shining like the day it came off the factory floor.

Yacht Interior Cleaning

Need a regular interior vacuum and wipe down? Need a heavy duty deep clean after a trip to the yard? Either way we’ll take care of your Interior Yacht Cleaning Needs.

Teak and Varnish

Teak Cleaning and Restoration. Varnish Sealing, Coating, or Touch Ups.

Metal Polishing

Metal Polishing and Bright Work is a Vital Component of any Yacht’s Aesthetic.

Bottom Cleaning & Zincs

Barnacles and other Sea Growth can be detrimental to Underwater Systems and Vessel Performance. As well, Zincs are Imperative to Prevent Damage from Electrolysis.

Management And Maintenance

Craft a Plan to Suit your Individual Needs

Daily – Weekly – Monthly – Seasonally – Custom Boat Maintenance Plans. At Masters Marine, we provide Boat Maintenance Plans that meet the needs of the owner’s enjoyment of the boat, the type of vessel, the system’s on-board, and the expected cruising plans.

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Yacht Management

Hurricane Preparation

Hurricane preparation for yachts is a tremendously important aspect of yacht maintenance. South Florida yachts are particularly vulnerable to the damaging effects of hurricanes, due to the area’s robust hurricane season. From Extra Lines and Fenders to Proving Batteries and Bilge Pumps.

Dockside Services

The Mechanical and Electrical dockside services provided by Masters Marine are guaranteed to keep your boat running in prime condition. With regular maintenance and a few choice replacements and installations, our highly trained yacht management technicians can elevate the luxury of your South Florida yacht.

Systems Checks

Full Systems Checks regularly or just when something doesn’t seem to be working correctly. From Batteries and Bilge Pumps to Radars and GPS.

Captain and Deliveries

Need a captain to bring your yacht to the yard? Want someone to deliver your vessel to the islands before you fly over? We have you covered.


Looking for dock space or storage? Need a warehouse to store the tender while the mother ship is in the yard? Call Today.

Yacht Brokerage

Looking to buy or sell a new yacht? We have extensive brokerage contacts throughout the country. Call today for a referral.