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What is Marine Paint and Why is it so Important?

Marine paint is a resin based coating that has a high amount of pigmentation, which is what gives the boat its color. But in addition to that Yacht Shine, it plays an important role in protecting your vessel’s underlying substrate be that Fiberglass, Aluminum, Steel, or an exotic “glass style” reinforcement like Carbon Fiber or Kevlar.

Marine paint’s have come a long way over the years. Modern Marine Paints have very tough, chemically resistant finishes, but are still susceptible to cracking, chipping, and flaking due to age, wear and tear, and accidents at the dock. In addition, some boats have been painted with poor quality or non-marine paints and/or have not been properly prepped prior to the application of the paint. The lower quality non-marine paints simply won’t stand up to the harsh Fort Lauderdale sun and unique environmental factors, and that makes paint repairs for some boat owners something that has to be done every few years because the surface begins to fade and chalk. Poorly prepped substrates will also begin to “let go” of their adhesion of the paint coatings and the finish will begin to peel away from the substrate.

A quality marine paint repair or full “re-paint” can last for many years. When you take your boat or yacht in for a marine paint repair or full paint job, it’s important to take it to an expert who understands the unique characteristics of each of the major paint manufacturer’s products. A comprehensive evaluation of your vessel’s current coatings and substrate condition is essential before a proper recommendation can be made.

How Does the Marine Paint Application Process Work?

The first thing we’ll do is look for damage, peeling, crazing (the small cracks that occur when the chemical bonds of the coating’s resin base begins to degrade) fading, oxidation, etc… in the marine paint finish. We will inspect areas of damage more closely to determine if they are only surface issues or if there are deeper structural problems, de-laminations, rot, etc…

Since we are Fort Lauderdale Marine Paint Repair Experts, we will find the perfect match for your current marine paint color. If this isn’t done properly, your boats finish will be off, and you won’t be pleased with the results.

Finally, your technician will make the marine paint repairs, ensuring that not only will the boat be thoroughly prepared for the repair, but each necessary step is meticulously adhered to so that the finish will show off your boat’s beauty.

We at Masters Marine have been serving our Fort Lauderdale customers in Marine Paint Repair for over 30 years. If you need an expert to help you with your vessel’s marine paint, be sure to contact us today.

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