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Captain and Deliveries

Masters Marine’s Yacht Deliveries Services provides expert yacht and boat delivery at competitive prices. We take pride in our excellent safety record and timely delivery.

Our yacht delivery team will help you through the process of delivering your yacht to its intended destination. You will be kept informed of the yacht’s exact location and route, as well as any stops along the way. We also collaborate with you in making crucial decisions throughout the delivery process. Boat owners can get to know their boat and the many systems it has to help them operate it safely. The information and expertise you’ll gain by participating in the shipment of your boat are critical to its use and operation in the long run.

What You May Expect from Us

Seamless Yacht Delivery

Masters Marine provides an exceptional level of service. We have world-class yacht captains and crew members with 24/7 management attention, as well as dedicated yacht deliveries personnel. We are a delivery firm that maintains the highest safety and operational standards in all of our deliveries and we are fully licensed. Your vessel will always be safe and handled with care. You can take comfort in knowing that you have made the best decision for your yacht.

Yacht Inspection

Before the voyage, we conduct a comprehensive examination of the yacht and its systems. This is to assure that all systems are in good operating order and to verify your purchase if you are acquiring a new boat. We also provide bespoke detailing services on request, which include complete cleaning and polishing of the boat to ensure that it arrives in the best condition and shape.

Delivery Reports

The yacht delivery procedure will be documented in a detailed report that includes notes from throughout the trip. The delivery reports are very useful to both new and veteran boat owners. In addition, useful information for future maintenance or required improvements may be found in a yacht delivery survey.

The owner gets a free delivery survey, which is included in the yacht deliveries’ cost. The report will also include comments and suggestions on the vessel’s overall condition, direct from the captain’s log. This helps boat owners get a strong start in yacht management since they know what needs to be updated and repaired early.

Contact Us

Do you need a captain to bring your yacht to the yard? Do you need someone to bring your boat to the islands before you fly over? We’ve got you covered. A crew of experts is on hand to assist you with your boat transporting needs. You may count on seasoned yacht captains who have decades of expertise. For your yacht deliveries needs, you can expect absolute professionalism, honesty, and affordability when you choose Masters Marine.

You may get a free quote by contacting us online right now. You can also call us between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, at (844) 594-0596 to talk with one of our specialists about your needs or if you want to learn more about our yacht maintenance services.