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Anti-Fouling – Barrier Coating

Most boats that live in the water need a new coating of anti-fouling yearly or bi-yearly. We have the best bottom job prices in town and would love to give you a free quote.

Running Gear

Shafts, Struts, Props, Rudders, Trim Tabs and Thrusters. Repairs, Coatings, and Installations.

Osmotic Blister Repair

There are multiple reasons that boat bottoms develop blisters. We are blister repair experts and can steer you through the complicated process of repairing your vessel’s bottom.

Soda Blasting Paint Removal

There are many reasons to remove your existing anti-fouling- Through our sister company Miami Soda Blasters, we can provide instant quotes for soda blasting your vessel’s bottom.

Bottom Restoration

Want to remove the bottom paint from your Center Console or Performance boat and restore the original gelcoat finish? We are one of the only companies in South Florida who regularly performs this job. Call for more info!

Sprayed Bottoms for Speed

Want to pick up a couple knots? Have a performance boat that lives in the water? We can spray apply a slick anti-fouling that won’t hurt performance.