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Sprayed Bottoms for Speed

The bottom of a boat is constantly in contact with water, which puts a great deal of strain on the hull material. This is true for all types of vessels, regardless of their construction materials. In the long run, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass hulls are all at risk of deterioration, which greatly affects the boat’s performance.

Marine life like algae, barnacles, mussels, and other types of mollusks that attach to your boat’s hull is even more harmful to its surface than water. Without the proper paint and sealing, the hull will be damaged by continual exposure to water and marine life.

This damage will reduce the speed and performance of your boat as well as jeopardize its service life if your boat remains in the water for lengthy periods without the necessary paint solution.

What You Should Know About Antifouling Coating

Antifouling paints are specialized paints used to coat the ship’s hull to discourage underwater growth, which can have an impact on the vessel’s performance and lifespan.

The hull coating, in addition to preventing marine growth, also serves as a barrier to metal deterioration and degeneration caused by marine corrosion. Antifouling for speed increases the speed at which water travels over a fishing boat or high-performance racing yacht’s hull.

Bottom paint on a boat is usually a type of antifouling paint that is specially formulated to prevent the formation of organisms that can harm your boat’s hull. Antifouling paint is generally dull and flat in appearance.

The second choice is to have a gel-coating or other high-finish paint on the hull. This is fine for boat owners without biofilm formation difficulties. However, it is important to note that only antifouling paint can prevent or cure biofilm growth on a boat’s hull.

The Importance of Spraying Boat Bottoms

Performance and Longevity

When your boat or yacht is above the waterline it is easy to get the best care possible. However, when it goes beneath the waterline it encounters marine conditions that have a significant influence on how well and long your boat functions and lasts.

If you apply the correct sort of bottom paint to your boat, things change. The importance of sprayed bottoms in maintaining your boat’s life, performance, and value cannot be overstated. It makes no difference whether your boat is above or below the waterline, or if it’s even stored in a trailer. With the correct antifouling paint, the hull material is maintained and your boat’s performance is not decreased.

Provides a Smoother Surface

Spraying antifouling for speed gives a more uniform, smoother finish and cuts down on the amount of sanding required. This process also shortens the time it takes to refinish your boat’s bottom altogether. However, rolling hard bottom paint is more difficult than spraying paint. This is because it entails greater effort throughout the process and takes more time.

Choose Masters Marine

Do you want to pick up a couple of knots? Do you have a performance boat that lives in the water? At Masters Marine, we can coat a smooth antifouling paint that won’t negatively interfere with the performance of your boat or yacht. In fact, it will most likely increase its speed capabilities. Please contact us for a free quotation or to speak with one of our specialists at (844) 594-0596.