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Running Gear

The running gear of a boat refers to the parts of its propulsion system. These include the boat’s shafts, struts, props, rudders, trim tabs, and thrusters. Inboard boats have the following components: a portion of the drive shaft that sticks out from the shaft log, struts that hold it in place, propellers, and rudders. This gives propulsion and steering to the boat.

We at Masters Marine take care in inspecting your running gear equipment to make sure it is not harming the shape and performance of your vessel.

Some of the tiniest abnormalities on a boat’s hull might result in a slew of issues, including reduced speed, a faulty engine, and difficulty with steering. This is why the running gear is such a vital component of your boat, and why you must always seek expert help in installing, maintaining, and repairing it.

Please look below at some of the services we provide to our customers so that their running equipment is in its best possible condition.

The Importance of Maintaining Your Running Gear

A clean propeller, shaft, and rudder improve a vessel’s efficiency by a hundred percent. This is usually the case when the propeller blades are smooth and free of irregularities like marine growth.

In pristine condition, the engine can transfer its energy to the water more efficiently. Keeping your running gear in good condition should be the priority of every boat owner who wants their boats to have a long life and perform well.

When there are even a few barnacles on the pressure face of a single propeller blade, there can be significant performance loss. For example, the extra texture will create more drag, there will be higher fuel consumption, and sometimes, the lifespan of the engine may be affected. Maintaining your running gear should be at the top of any boat owner’s list.

Coating Your Running Gear

An antifouling coating is one of the methods for keeping your running gear free of barnacles and in excellent working order. It’s critical to use the right paint for your underwater metals and moving parts since this will affect antifouling qualities and metallic hardware longevity.

Picking the appropriate antifouling solution for your propeller and engine has grown more difficult for those who want to maintain their equipment. The EPA has established tight standards for antifouling paints, and few alternatives combine efficiency with longevity. This is why you’ll need experts to help.

To discover the coating choices that are ideal for your boat, contact us at Masters Marine. We can provide antifouling coatings for your boat that are both effective and long-lasting. At your request, we can also create bespoke solutions just for your boat.

Contact Us

At Masters Marine, we strive to keep your running gear in excellent working order. This includes the application of coatings, repairs, and installations. To obtain the running gear solution you want, contact us now! You may also request a quote for free to get you started on the maintenance of your running gear. For further information on our services, please call us at (844) 594-0596 on Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.